Tradition Versus Technology – Has The Computer Gotten Rid Of The Pen And Paper?

Pens and pencils have been around for hundreds of years, in fact the first recorded pen is said to be in the rough estimates of 500 BC, with Ancient Indians said to be the first people to use a pen, which was made from bird feathers and bamboo sticks. Of course, things have changed massively in the modern day we live in now with most pens offering a solid frame and metal nib or tip, which offers the maximum reliability, efficiency and durability.

If you go to any office in the world, you will normally only be guaranteed to find two things; pen and paper, because even in this most technological era not every office relies on a PC or laptop, and even those that do you will still find a collection of pens, pencils and paper hanging around.

With a pen and paper you can take it anywhere and it is instantly accessible. Even if you have a laptop, by the time you have found a place to use it and power up, you could have written a few hundred words on your trusty notepad in the same time that you could have typed it all out on your word processing software. It is probably easier to carry a pen and paper around than it would be to use a laptop anyway, as you can easily fold up a piece of A4 paper and slip it into your top pocket next to your pen or pencil.

Pens and paper will always be around, which is proved by the fact that these days everyone has leading smart phones or laptops which would in many peoples mind indicate that these should be more popular, but nothing beats writing down your notes when your in a meeting or conference or sat on a train with no room to use your laptop due to the normal over crowding!

It is important to say that even with technology taking a firm grip on the way we live our lives, the more traditional elements still maintain a position in our lives and it is very clear to every office, home and industry in the world that the pen and paper will always have a place in every day lives.